Investigation on Parameter Extraction for An Improved Fourier-Series-Based NPT IGBT Model
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With the wide application of IGBTs in recent years, the accuracy of IGBT models has been improved constantly. Physics-based IGBT models have shown great advantages on the simulation accuracy. However, the unavailability of device parameters is one of the main factors that hinder the application of those physics-based models. In this paper, a NPT IGBT chip is designed with the assistance of two-dimensional (2-D) finite-element method (FEM) model implemented in Sentaurus TCAD, which enables access to the intrinsic device parameters. This way, the IGBT parameters of the FEM model can provide a benchmark for accuracy evaluations of device parameters. An optimization-based parameter extraction procedure is proposed. This procedure, using an improved Fourier-series-based IGBT model, enables an efficient extraction of 10 parameters of the NPT IGBT requiring only IGBT turn-off waveforms in a simple clamped inductive load test. Validation with simulated switching characteristic results under different operating conditions demonstrates the usefulness and robustness of the extracted parameters. By comparing the extracted parameters with the intrinsic parameters set in TCAD, the stability of the extracted parameters is discussed in detail.
Yifei Ding
Hunan University

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